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Smartup Capital developed a proprietary AI software that makes Smartup Due-Diligence more effective:

  1. It starts with asking entrepreneurs to calculate their KPIs
  2. It formats the data in our exec sum template, one for all
  3. It discerns between scaleups fitting our strategy and not, ranking them
  4. It presents the scaleups, organized in a matrix that considers our investment metrics, to Smartup Venture Partners' Board
  5. Smartup Venture Partners cast their vote, in a decentralized fashion
  6. The winning Scaleups feed Smartup Investment Pipeline, that undergoes Smartup Due-Diligence process


As a result of AtomicView, Smartup Operations Team can focus on intelligence and DD of pre-screened Scaleups: supported by the market & product forecast of the Advisory Board, it produces the report to be presented to the Smartup Investment Board.

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